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What we do

Selitera envisions a future, where physical space and digital space is one; a future that brings the digital experience into retail stores and in the indoor and outdoor advertising.

Imagine if, just by pointing with your phone, you could collect and share information about physical objects.

Selitera has patented a technology combining the best parts of online and in-store shopping.

Our solution works anywhere goods are displayed: from the shelves of the neighborhood supermarket to mannequins at a high-end fashion boutique.

At the Store
The shopper has only to point her phone to the product she is interested in. The product will then light up, and actionable information will magically appear in her phone.

At the Airport
A passenger arrives at the gate and checks for his connecting flight.

She checks the large information monitor showing connections, destination information and an airport map. By pointing his mobile phone at the monitor and selecting the map, a more detailed map of the airport, as well as extra information about the destination, will appear on his phone. Since Selitera uses a mobile browser to display, collect and share information, it’s familiar and always available—no app required.

Works with all the major operating systems.

No Apps are needed!
With just one click, you can share, purchase, bookmark, etc. Selitera is a transformational, game changing technology for connecting the physical store with digital experience.

What we believe

We believe the world should be clickable.
That everyday objects can be smarter.
We believe in the Internet of Light.

Our offerings

We provide end-to-end solutions to build, deploy and maintain fully connected online, mobile and physical commercial spaces based on our four products

Who are we

We are an experienced multidisciplinary team developing disruptive products to connect digital and physical commerce through mobile devices with intelligent light and sound. Selitera is a spin-off from KTH's Mobile Service Lab, Stockholm, dedicated to transforming strong research into high value business innovation.

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